Install Duramax’s Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Now and Enjoy 20+ Years of Maintenance-Free Living

Vinyl ranch rail fence

If you are considering building a new fence around your horse farm, you might be well acquainted with the options available. However, we advise you to choose Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence. It’s because we have one of the most sought-after fence materials available for horse owners at factory-direct prices.

Our fences are ideal for horse farms as they are low maintenance and can withstand weather extremities without warping, sagging, and rotting. Want to learn more about the vinyl ranch rail fence? Here, we have mentioned the myriad advantages that our top-notch fences bring to the table, or rather, to the farms, which makes them the perfect material among all other alternatives like wood and metal.

The Good Ones

Strength and Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of using Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence is the strength and flexibility of the material. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl with thick vinyl sheets. The strong routing and interlocking system make them sturdier, ensuring they never fall apart. Horses are fight-or-flight animals, and having a strong fence is essential for ranchers. Our fences have extraordinary strength and sturdiness and can tolerate blows from farm animals.

Moreover, as vinyl ranch rail fences don’t splinter like wood and come customized, there are fewer animal escape opportunities, no chance of animal injury, and reduced expenses due to replacing broken rail fences. By investing in Duramax Fences, you do not have to worry about repairing or repainting, and you get to enjoy 20+ years of maintenance-free usage.

Low Maintenance: Our fences call for relatively low maintenance requirements. The fences are fade-resistant and can retain their color for many years. This spares you from the cost of frequent painting.

On top of that, vinyl’s molecular structure is such that it makes the fences dirt-resistant. A simple wash occasionally would be enough to clean them and maintain their pristine look. If you find the appearance of mold, add some bleaching powder to the water and gently wipe off the fence.

UV-resistant: In its raw form, the outer layer of vinyl will detonate over time due to prolonged sun exposure. Here, you should note that the damage is only cosmetic, and there is no structural damage. However, we at Duramax Fences have gone to great lengths to solve this problem and have added a protective ingredient to our vinyl ranch rail fence.

We have added UV inhibitors, stabilizers, additives, and titanium dioxide to our fence products. The UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide ensure that our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability compared to other vinyl alternatives available. This also makes the fences fade-resistant and it gets easier to maintain the fence paint. You don’t have to worry about fence yellowing, as Duramax vinyl fences can look pristine and fresh for years with little maintenance. Our supremely engineered DuraResin formulation is specially designed to hold out against the intense southwest sun.

Fire-resistant: Another big advantage of our vinyl fences is that they are fire-resistant. Unlike other plastics, our vinyl won’t catch fire or wreak havoc. In reality, when vinyl catches fire, it produces a gas to extinguish it. The gas has a pungent odor, which passes an alert of a fire breakout.

Electrification-compatible: You might have to electrify your fence to safeguard your animals. However, if you electrify a wooden or metal fence, you must attach special insulators to the fence, serving as attachment points for the hot wire.

However, since our vinyl fences are made of insulating material, you can directly attach the electrified wire to the fence. This makes the installation process much simpler and cuts down on expenses.

Longevity: The mind-boggling longevity of our vinyl ranch rail fence makes it all the more demanding among horse owners. They can maintain their form and strength for decades. So you don’t have to replace them anytime soon post-installation.

It is also argued that the installation cost of vinyl fences is higher than wooden fences. However, the fact is that wooden fences have to be replaced earlier than vinyl fences. So, if you want an economical fence option in the long run, you should go for our state-of-the-art vinyl fences. The overall cost is much lower when compared to other fence materials.

Cribbing-resistant fences: Cribbing can be particularly harmful to horses. You will find horses cribbing in pastures and wooden stall doors when left alone for a long time. However, horses do not crib on vinyl fences. So, installing a vinyl ranch rail fence would help curb this habit at the earliest. Cribbing is detrimental to horse health, and a vinyl fence is a great choice to stop this habit.

Better visibility: Horse fences should be clearly visible so that a horse can see them before running into them. Our fences are brightly colored, thereby ensuring maximum visibility. You should opt for customization to help you with a beautiful vinyl ranch rail fence that adds curb appeal to your property.

Why choose us?

If you are on the lookout for a top-of-the-line vinyl ranch rail fence, look no further than Duramax Fences. We manufacture top-notch vinyl fence products for commercial spaces, homes, and ranches. We also offer personalization options to ensure that the fence lines sport a unique look and match your property’s aesthetics. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote now.

The Benefits of the Beautiful Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence

vinyl ranch rail fence

In the past, the main purpose of a fence in America was to mark the boundary of one’s property rather than to secure it. To distinguish the boundaries and save finances, the ranchers and farmers opted for ranch rail fences that acted as a barrier for their simple and economical design. The ranch rail fences have long rails with spacious gaps, making the panels require less lumber and are easy to construct without any professional assistance. The vinyl ranch rail fence is easy to install, making this fencing a common choice at ranches, farms, country homes, and cabins. Railed fence barriers are ideal for fencing the livestock as the farm animals can be easily contained, and even if they try to escape, they won’t have their foot stuck in the vinyl fence panels, which might be a cause of concern if you have any other kind of fence installed, (like a chain-link fence).

However, wood is a common choice as a ranch rail fence, but nowadays, ranchers and farmers are slowly switching over to vinyl fence products. We recommend a vinyl ranch rail fence as we can provide the same eye-catching aesthetics, and our fences are known to perform better than wood. In addition, vinyl ranch rail fences are ideal for their longevity and structural integrity.

Looking for a ranch rail fence? Vinyl or wood, which is the better choice?

The wooden fences have a good history of demarcating the property, so vinyl being a new product, is often discarded. However, wooden ranch rail fences have many drawbacks that have led ranchers to reconsider their decision and invest in vinyl fence products. 

Duramax vinyl ranch rail fence has a proven track record of lasting longer and is resilient to factors that result in the wooden material to warp, rot, and deteriorate. Although wooden fences are less expensive, vinyl is more cost-effective in the long haul.

Vinyl is 100% resistant to moisture damage

The biggest drawbacks of a wooden fence are the unsightly deformations due to prolonged exposure to moisture. When the wooden fence gets drenched in rain or melting snow, the moisture is absorbed by the wooden material, and it starts expanding and contracting inside according to temperature changes. In winter, the trapped liquids inside the wooden fence freeze up and starts pushing apart the internal foundation of a wooden fence. As time passes, the wooden fences crack, bulge out, and even start having split boards. If you want to avoid this, then regular painting and staining of a wooden fence is mandatory, but in the long haul, the expenditure adds up.

If you want an alternative to a wooden fence, vinyl is a great choice. Vinyl fences are 100% waterproof and won’t absorb moisture at all. The liquids glide down the smooth surface of a vinyl fence, and the non-porous exterior prevents absorption. Rain, snow, and even a wash with a garden hose will not weaken avinyl ranch rail fence. Vinyl fences are a one-time investment and can last 30 years or longer due to their moisture-resistant capacity.

Vinyl is five times stronger than wood

Even if the main goal of installing a fence is to demarcate property boundaries and safeguard the area, you will want a fence material that’s durable, strong and can stand the test of time. Repairing fence panels is an added expense that ranchers want to avoid. In such a case, the vinyl ranch rail fence wins the battle against the wood. A good-quality vinyl fence panel is five times stronger than its wooden counterpart, implying superior strength and resilience to daily impacts. This is also one of the main reasons why cattle farms prefer vinyl fences, as even if the livestock brushes against these smooth textured rails and posts, they remain strong and stay in place.

The vinyl fence remains strong even with considerable temperature changes. Duramax vinyl ranch rail fence can withstand the hot southwest sun without warping like ordinary fences. We manufacture the fences with 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. This DuraResin formulation makes the fences strong, weatherproof, and perfect for ranches and farms. Even in winter, you won’t find Duramax vinyl fences cracking, breaking, or falling over. Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together, enhancing their strength a notch higher.

Long-lasting beauty

Vinyl ranch rail fence is in demand for its magnificent aesthetics. The vinyl fence can retain its natural charm for a longer time than wood. The vinyl fences are resistant to cracking or chipping, which makes the fence retain its natural color for a long time. On the other hand, the wooden fence needs painting and staining every now and then. Duramax vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free and retain their sheen for numerous years. You won’t find vinyl fences fading, getting discolored, or turning yellow. You don’t need to repaint or repair the vinyl fence for years which again reduces the costs in the long run. Moreover, Duramax customizes the vinyl fence per your requirements and manufactured with the finest materials; the fences enhance the curb appeal.

Resistant to insect damage

Another probable hazard wooden fence owners face the damage done to the fence by carpenter ants, termites, and insects. Wooden fences are highly prone to insect damage, so farms and ranchers prefer vinyl ranch rail fences. Vinyl is not on the menu list for the pesty wood munchers, which is why vinyl fences last for years and are 100% resistant to insect damage.

Final Words

Any DIY homeowner can assemble vinyl ranch rail fences. When you hire an experienced professional, the fences are assembled within days and sometimes in a matter of hours. Duramax vinyl ranch rail fences are now available at factory-direct rates and shipped within approximately two weeks. 

Don’t settle for the low-quality stock offered at big box stores. You can now connect with the fencing manufacturers at Duramax to order high-quality fences at affordable prices. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation today.

An Insight Into Fencing in New Mexico

Vinyl ranch rail fence

Fencing your property’s boundary line has become a must-do in all states, and New Mexico is no exception. You will be surprised to know that even the New Mexican law makes fence installation a requirement, something like a vinyl fence, especially if you have a pool inside your property. Duramax offers high-end pool fences, vinyl ranch rail fences, privacy fences and many more customizeable choices.

Here we will be discussing what the New Mexican law says about the installation of fences and which type of fence would be the best fit for the New Mexican climate. So, without wasting much time, let’s delve right into it.

Residential fencing: The specifications involved

Residential fences in New Mexico often have height restrictions. So, before you install something like a vinyl fence, ensure that it adheres to the specifications mentioned below.

Front yard fences: Maximum height of three feet.

Pool fences: Minimum height of four feet

Retaining walls: Maximum height of four feet

Backyard fences: Maximum height of six feet

Deer fencing: Maximum height of eight feet

There is also the New Mexican common law which states that if you don’t like the idea of fences or want to change the decor of your property but unfortunately share a fence line with your neighbor, you need to deal with this issue privately. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that New Mexico requires  a permit for a fence that’s over six feet in height.

What does the New Mexican law say about fence installation?

Installing a fence around your property becomes a must if you want to protect your property. However, the requirements might vary from city to city. There are some state guidelines for this listed in New Mexico Building Code Appendix G. However, this is with regards to fencing around a hot tub, pool or spa .

● The fences should not be more than two inches off the ground and must have a height of at least four feet.
● You must check that solid fences with no openings do not have any extra indentations or obtrusions.
● Ensure that the fences have no openings that allow entry of an object over four inches in diameter.

If you have a pool or have plans to get one, make yourself aware of the fence’s maintenance and construction requirements. Now, let’s look at New Mexico’s climate and find out which type of fence might hold out in such climates.

The climate of New Mexico

New Mexico’s climate has a mild, continental, arid, or semi-arid climate characterized by abundant sunshine, light precipitation totals, and low relative humidity. In such climatic conditions, Duramax’s vinyl fences might be the best thing you can opt for as far as fencing materials are concerned. But why are we saying this? Well, several reasons advocate in its favor, which is exactly what we will discuss here.

What makes Duramax’s vinyl fences the perfect choice for the Mexican climate?

Installing Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence can be a great investment for your property. Our fences can last years, safeguarding your property while enhancing its overall look. Beyond that, the benefits offered by our fences are immense, so now let’s look at them.

● Vinyl fences are tough: Our supremely designed thick vinyl ranch rail fences are strong and extremely durable. This is one of the primary reasons why our vinyl fences have become the go-to material for Mexican homeowners. Five times stronger than wood fencing, our vinyl fences are on par with steel and aluminum fences, so far as strength level is concerned. In addition, our fences are made from raw PVC resin and special additives that can hold out against harsh weather conditions without warping or losing their color.

● Vinyl fences are long-lasting: Our vinyl fences feature a strong routing and interlocking system. This greatly increases the fence’s longevity . The up-front costs of our fences might be a bit high, but if you take the longevity aspect of the fences, you will find that it is a very affordable option in the long run. So, once you purchase our fences, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a stress-free ownership experience for years. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our products, and you can easily install our fences via a easy DIY process.

● The versatility of vinyl fences: Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence is available in various patterns and colors, especially the DuraGrain fencing. DuraGrain fencing allows you to enjoy the rich look of grain wood without going through the tedious maintenance requirements of wooden fences. Thus, with the longevity of vinyl and the exquisite look of wood, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds. Our fences are available in a wide range of heights and styles. You can construct a semi-privacy fence, a full privacy fence, or a more open ranch rail or picket fence that would complement the feel and look of your property in the best way possible.

● Our vinyl fences would never deteriorate: Bring home our state-of-the-art vinyl fences for your new Mexican property and say goodbye to erosion, rust, termites, and oxidation. Not just that, our vinyl fences are moisture-resistant, making them ideal for use in pools or other areas with high moisture content. In addition, our fences are designed to stand up to the elements and not blister, peel, or fade in the Sun. All these factors go into taking their longevity to an entirely new level.

Why choose us?

So, if you plan to install a vinyl ranch rail fence around your New Mexican property, consider checking out Duramax Fences. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl that exceeds all the ASTM F964 standards across every category. We also offer a wide plethora of color, style, and design options, enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal like none other. Contact us, and our fence experts will guide you on which option best fits you. We ensure shipping within two weeks starting from the date you place the order, and you can save one-third of the cost when you purchase from us. Place your order now.

Vinyl Fencing: Trusted By Families Across The Nation

Many people build a fence on their property to get some privacy from the outside world. Even if you love to socialize with your friends and family, having your own space shielded by a vinyl fence will give you a sense of security. Depending on the fencing style you choose, you can get a gapless screen built around your yard. The following points highlight the benefits of vinyl fencing:

Provides Privacy

Often people will plant hedges or bushes around their house, not for their aesthetic value but for maintaining privacy. By installing a vinyl fence instead, you can beautify your property and secure it. Unless you install a traditional vinyl picket fence, there will be no holes, gaps, or cracks in your vinyl fence. With vinyl fencing, you will not require blinds or curtains to maintain your family’s privacy.

Ensures Safety

Children love to play and climb. They can easily scale chain links or get hurt by the splinters of your wooden fence. As vinyl fencing has no splintering or footholds, it is safer to have pets and children around it. Dogs like to explore as well, because of which they will chew on, dig, and scratch your fence if it gets in their way. Constant scratching by pets will wear down a wooden fence. However, vinyl fences do not get damaged because of rain or the sun and do not have any gaps in between them. As there are no weak spots in the fencing, your or your neighbor’s dog cannot damage it.

Adds Style

Some people also install a fence to increase the value of their homes. People do not usually consider chain-link fences attractive. Vinyl Fencing comes in numerous styles and is easy to maintain. A white vinyl picket fence can help your yard achieve the classic American look. You can also have a higher vinyl fence with decorative work at its top and a solid base built around your property. Vinyl fencing will help you make a style statement for your guests.

Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing offers attractive fencing solutions and plays an essential role in livestock operations. A 3 rail ranch fence is almost five times stronger than traditional wooden fencing. Wooden fences wear out a lot more easily than split rail vinyl fences.

Whether it is intense heat, dense snow, or heavy rains, a vinyl ranch rail fence can take on all the elements without warping, breaking, fading, or bending.

The excellent design of Duramax Post and Rail Fences ensures function and form to enhance your business or home’s visual appeal while providing durability for years to come. Your animals will not get hurt in their attempts to run through your vinyl fence. Additionally, they will not be able to chew through the fence as well. Our fences do not require repaints and will not splinter, crack, or chip with time. Contact us today to get a vinyl fence installed on your property.

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