Washington Fence Laws – All You Need To Know Before Installing a Fence

white vinyl privacy fence

Installing a fence is ideal for protecting your property and keeping trespassers away. However, before you choose the beautiful white vinyl privacy fence for installation, knowing the fence laws is of optimal importance. If you live in Washington, you must be aware that the fence laws are pretty straightforward and lay down the fencing rights and obligations very directly. 

In Washington, for a fence needs to qualify as lawful, needs to have the following attributes:

The fence should be between 44 ” and 52 ” in height

The fence posts should be less than 24 inches apart

The fence should be made of four horizontal, barbed, and well-stretched wires and placed at intervals of 12″, 22″ and 32″ underneath the top wire

The wires need to be secured to equidistant posts and must be supported if posts are 16″ apart

Although the above requirements needs to be met, yet the fence must adhere to Section 16.60.011  that describes lawful fences strong and well-calculated structures  as down in RCW 16.60.010. However, determination of this lawful fence can be made only by an inspector.

Fence-in or fence-out?

Fence laws are sorted into two categories – fence-in or fence-out. 

In a fence-in state, the livestock owners are legally held responsible for keeping the animals contained in the area. However, if the animals wander away from the property and cause damage anywhere, then the owner is liable for any damages caused. 

In a fence-out state, the owner protects the property and crops from wandering animals. However, the owner cannot hold the livestock owners liable for failing to contain the animals, and thus the landowner needs to fence the animals out.

Washington is a fence-in state which means the livestock owners are responsible for keeping the animals contained in the yard. However, if the animals are freely roaming and cause damage to a lawful fence or property or cause any injury to anyone, then the livestock owner has to provide reimbursement. 

Partition fences

As per the revised code of Washington, people are not required to build fences between their properties. However, if your neighbor or you want a fence, then there are certain laws pertaining to it.

Firstly, you should speak with the neighbor when you decide to build a fence. Building the partition fence in Washington along the property boundary allows you to ask for reimbursement for ½ of the cost, but again under section 16.60.030, you need to notify the neighbor beforehand. If the neighbor refuses or doesn’t respond, you can erect the fence and collect the reimbursement via the court system. 

If the neighbor shares the cost of building the fence with you, then you will also have to share the cost of maintenance and repairs, which is why installing the white vinyl privacy fence is always recommended.This is because the vinyl fence is virtually maintenance-free and does not need elaborate repairs or repainting. Therefore, a vinyl fence is a one-time investment and a cost-effective choice for the long run. However, if you do not wish to share anything with the neighbor, then don’t build the fence on the boundary line; rather, installing the fence a few feet inside the property line will give you complete ownership of the fence.

If you choose this route, get in writing from the neighbor that you both acknowledge the original boundary line and not the new boundary created by the fence. Keeping things documented is important; otherwise, the neighbor can later argue for land ownership of the boundary created by your new fence. This process is called boundary acquiescence. 

Spite fence

A spite fence is usually built to injure, harass or annoy the neighbor, and it’s illegal in Washington. If your neighbor builds a spite fence, you can request the court to issue an injunction for the fence removal.

Does the Washington law need you to have a fence?

No, the Washington law doesn’t require fences, but if you have animals and need to keep them contained, then a fence is important. Moreover, installing a fence is important if you have a spa or swimming pool. 

A pool fence in Washington needs to have the following traits

The fence should be at least 48″ high

The fence should be self-latching and self-closing 

The fence should completely enclose the pool

The fence latch should be high enough and out of reach of children

Spas and pools are a great way to relax and to ensure safety, so the need to have a strong and durable fence installed is imperative. The white vinyl privacy fence is a great choice as it is waterproof, durable, and does not turn yellow or fade easily. A vinyl fence can make the best pool fence and prevent safety hazards.

Planning to build a fence in Washington? Duramax can help

Firstly, you must survey the land and ensure you can accurately demarcate the property line. Secondly, you must inform the neighbors in writing and tell them you expect them to share the expense. The third step would be to check with the HOA about the rules regarding the fence style and height. Once you clear all three things, you can start with the fence installation. You only need a permit for fence installation in Washington if your planned fence is 6 feet or above. However, a taller fence needs you to have a permit. 

Duramax Fences offer high-quality vinyl fencing that comes with a limited lifetime warranty. In addition, you can order customized fences from Duramax that complement your property and enhance the curb appeal. With a fencing calculator, we give you an accurate estimate of measurements and a free quotation. 

Does homeowners’ insurance cover fences?

Sometimes it does, but it largely depends on the policy. For example, some insurance agencies do not insure fences. In contrast, others can insure the fence for cash value if it is destroyed by any perils listed in the homeowner’s policy. However, many agencies insure fences or other ‘detached structures’ by only 10% of the policy’s coverage limit. For more details, you need to check the policy for exact coverage.

Final Words

In this article, we talked about the fencing laws in Washington. If you are interested in installing a fence soon, contact the experts at Duramax. We will get you a customized white vinyl privacy fence shipped within two weeks from the factory. Moreover, you can save 29% on fencing and labor by installing Duramax Fence over other alternatives. Get in touch with us today. Book a no-cost consultation now.

An Insight Into Fencing in New Mexico

Vinyl ranch rail fence

Fencing your property’s boundary line has become a must-do in all states, and New Mexico is no exception. You will be surprised to know that even the New Mexican law makes fence installation a requirement, something like a vinyl fence, especially if you have a pool inside your property. Duramax offers high-end pool fences, vinyl ranch rail fences, privacy fences and many more customizeable choices.

Here we will be discussing what the New Mexican law says about the installation of fences and which type of fence would be the best fit for the New Mexican climate. So, without wasting much time, let’s delve right into it.

Residential fencing: The specifications involved

Residential fences in New Mexico often have height restrictions. So, before you install something like a vinyl fence, ensure that it adheres to the specifications mentioned below.

Front yard fences: Maximum height of three feet.

Pool fences: Minimum height of four feet

Retaining walls: Maximum height of four feet

Backyard fences: Maximum height of six feet

Deer fencing: Maximum height of eight feet

There is also the New Mexican common law which states that if you don’t like the idea of fences or want to change the decor of your property but unfortunately share a fence line with your neighbor, you need to deal with this issue privately. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that New Mexico requires  a permit for a fence that’s over six feet in height.

What does the New Mexican law say about fence installation?

Installing a fence around your property becomes a must if you want to protect your property. However, the requirements might vary from city to city. There are some state guidelines for this listed in New Mexico Building Code Appendix G. However, this is with regards to fencing around a hot tub, pool or spa .

● The fences should not be more than two inches off the ground and must have a height of at least four feet.
● You must check that solid fences with no openings do not have any extra indentations or obtrusions.
● Ensure that the fences have no openings that allow entry of an object over four inches in diameter.

If you have a pool or have plans to get one, make yourself aware of the fence’s maintenance and construction requirements. Now, let’s look at New Mexico’s climate and find out which type of fence might hold out in such climates.

The climate of New Mexico

New Mexico’s climate has a mild, continental, arid, or semi-arid climate characterized by abundant sunshine, light precipitation totals, and low relative humidity. In such climatic conditions, Duramax’s vinyl fences might be the best thing you can opt for as far as fencing materials are concerned. But why are we saying this? Well, several reasons advocate in its favor, which is exactly what we will discuss here.

What makes Duramax’s vinyl fences the perfect choice for the Mexican climate?

Installing Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence can be a great investment for your property. Our fences can last years, safeguarding your property while enhancing its overall look. Beyond that, the benefits offered by our fences are immense, so now let’s look at them.

● Vinyl fences are tough: Our supremely designed thick vinyl ranch rail fences are strong and extremely durable. This is one of the primary reasons why our vinyl fences have become the go-to material for Mexican homeowners. Five times stronger than wood fencing, our vinyl fences are on par with steel and aluminum fences, so far as strength level is concerned. In addition, our fences are made from raw PVC resin and special additives that can hold out against harsh weather conditions without warping or losing their color.

● Vinyl fences are long-lasting: Our vinyl fences feature a strong routing and interlocking system. This greatly increases the fence’s longevity . The up-front costs of our fences might be a bit high, but if you take the longevity aspect of the fences, you will find that it is a very affordable option in the long run. So, once you purchase our fences, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a stress-free ownership experience for years. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our products, and you can easily install our fences via a easy DIY process.

● The versatility of vinyl fences: Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence is available in various patterns and colors, especially the DuraGrain fencing. DuraGrain fencing allows you to enjoy the rich look of grain wood without going through the tedious maintenance requirements of wooden fences. Thus, with the longevity of vinyl and the exquisite look of wood, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds. Our fences are available in a wide range of heights and styles. You can construct a semi-privacy fence, a full privacy fence, or a more open ranch rail or picket fence that would complement the feel and look of your property in the best way possible.

● Our vinyl fences would never deteriorate: Bring home our state-of-the-art vinyl fences for your new Mexican property and say goodbye to erosion, rust, termites, and oxidation. Not just that, our vinyl fences are moisture-resistant, making them ideal for use in pools or other areas with high moisture content. In addition, our fences are designed to stand up to the elements and not blister, peel, or fade in the Sun. All these factors go into taking their longevity to an entirely new level.

Why choose us?

So, if you plan to install a vinyl ranch rail fence around your New Mexican property, consider checking out Duramax Fences. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl that exceeds all the ASTM F964 standards across every category. We also offer a wide plethora of color, style, and design options, enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal like none other. Contact us, and our fence experts will guide you on which option best fits you. We ensure shipping within two weeks starting from the date you place the order, and you can save one-third of the cost when you purchase from us. Place your order now.

Vinyl Fences in Arizona: Is It the Right Choice?

custom vinyl fencing

Duramax’s vinyl fences have evolved as a popular choice for Arizona homeowners for many reasons. Firstly, they offer exceptional durability and require very little maintenance. Secondly, you can choose from various colors and styles to match your home. Thirdly, they are an affordable option.

Our custom vinyl fencing, designed especially for Arizona, is made from raw PVC resin and special additives, which enhances its durability. In addition, we have our exclusive DuraResin formulation that can withstand the hot southwest sun and extreme weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for arid and humid states like Arizona. 

We offer vinyl fences in a wide array of styles and colors, so you can choose a color that complements your property the best. Since vinyl is a flexible material, the fences can be customized into different shapes and sizes. Therefore, our custom vinyl fencing can be tailored to fit your property’s landscape, as the name suggests. 

What makes Duramax’s vinyl fences an enticing fencing proposition? 

Arizona shares an arid and humid climate. Ordinary fences rot, blister, and experience fungal growth as a common occurrence in such climatic conditions. Our vinyl fences are extremely durable and would never deteriorate in that way. Our fences are also pest-resistant and fire-resistant. 

Our fences are engineered with UV stability. We use 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors, giving the vinyl fences the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability. As a result, Duramax vinyl fences are better than any of the vinyl materials available on the market today. Our vinyl fences can also resist temperature changes. This is particularly beneficial in hot climates like Arizona, as they would not expand during a hot day or contract when the temperature drops. 

Our custom vinyl fencing is also not a heat conductor. Scorching hot days in Arizona are nothing uncommon. But when you install vinyl fences, you wouldn’t feel the heat by touching them. This is a good option for those with children, as they are often seen playing in the backyard and climbing up the fence. If these benefits aren’t enough, vinyl is long-lasting, cost-effective, and beautiful. 

Customized fences – Made exclusively for you!

Duramax’s custom vinyl fencing has become a cornerstone in the fencing industry. This is mainly because of its exceptional durability compared to other fencing materials. Not just that, our fences are available in all colors, and you can custom-tailor them per your specific requirements. 

How long will Duramax’s vinyl fence last? 

Vinyl fences have distinctive features like low maintenance, durability, and exquisite appearance, making them the right choice. Our custom vinyl fencing can last decades and outlast wooden fences if properly maintained. In addition, our fences are durable yet inexpensive and resistant to damage and weathering. 

We offer custom vinyl fences in a wide plethora of styles and colors. They require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. They won’t warp, rot, or splinter in the humid conditions of Arizona like wooden fences. Just use a garden hose to wash the vinyl fences; they will look like new for a long time. The scratch-resistant fences are pet-friendly and strong enough to last 30 to 40 years or even longer.

If you want to enhance the life of vinyl fences, check for damage and clean them regularly. Should you find any damage, repair them as soon as possible. However, Duramax Fences do not need professional repairs or repainting for years, making them a sought-after choice for many.

Are there any color options for vinyl fences? 

We offer vinyl fences in a wide variety of colors. However, if you ask us about the most popular choice, it’s white vinyl fences. Some other most sought-after colors include gray, black, tan, and wood grain. We also offer a variety of color combinations so that you can choose one that perfectly matches the look of your home. 

Which type of vinyl should you go for? 

Custom vinyl fencingbrings a dynamic of its own to the table. While some are made from recycled materials, we can proudly say that our vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This is what ensures a professional-grade fence like none other. Made from class-leading materials, our fences can last a lifetime in the arid climate of Arizona. 

Why choose us? 

Did you know that vinyl fences have become the most sought-after choice in Arizona? There are many reasons for this transition from wooden fences to vinyl. Firstly, vinyl calls for little maintenance, is durable and is available in a wide array of colors and styles. Not just that, we offer vinyl fences at factory-direct rates, making them one of the most affordable options available on the market. Lastly, vinyl fences are a one-time investment and last longer than wood, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Duramax’s custom vinyl fencing is the way to go if you are looking for a fence that looks great outdoors and will last a lifetime.

Final Words

Duramax vinyl fences are easy to install and cost-effective as well. You save 29% on fencing and labor by choosing to install Duramax Fences over other conventional ones from the local fence supplier. For more information, book a no-cost consultation today. Request a free quote now.

Wood or Vinyl Fence: Which Is the Right Choice for Utah Homeowners?

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Vinyl and wood fences are the top names that appear in a list so far as fencing is concerned in Utah. Wooden fences have been in use for quite some now. Needless to say, these fences have garnered a lot of traction over the years. However, in Utah, the winters are dry, and the summers are wet. In such climatic conditions, wooden fences might not be the best fit. Rather, a vinyl privacy fence in Utah has risen to the occasion and has certainly become the talk of the town.

Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence has been proven to stand the test of time. However, many people are still inclined toward wooden fences just because of their appearance. To help overcome this roadblock and help people enjoy the best of both worlds, we came up with DuraGrain vinyl fences having the look of wood but the inherent characteristics of vinyl.

Here we will be looking at what makes our wood-grained vinyl privacy fences a far better option than the conventional real wooden fences and why you should vouch for vinyl fences in Utah.

The good things about vinyl fences

Vinyl wood provides better privacy: Duramax’s vinyl privacy fences sport exceptional durability. This top-notch durability will provide better privacy from pedestrians and neighbors. On the other hand, the poorly-maintained wooden fence has cracks and holes that can compromise your privacy. The slightest thunderstorm in Utah can wreak havoc with your wooden fence and leave you stranded with wrecked fencing.

Easy installation: It would take several days to set up wooden fences for a perimeter of about 100- 200 feet. This time includes the pre-installation prep and the post-installation clean-up. Structural adjustments and weather can, however, stretch the time. On the flip side, our vinyl fences come pre-cut and with every tool essential for installation included. As a result, there is no need to waste time on adjustments, unlike wooden fences. All these make the vinyl fence installation process a breeze. While installing a wooden fence is laborious and time consuming, the vinyl fence installation takes minimal time.

Wooden fences won’t last in harsh weather: Property damage can cause many issues, and needless to say, unforeseen expenditures will crop up out of nowhere. Keep those hefty costs at bay with our vinyl privacy fence. Our vinyl privacy fence is made from the proprietary DuraResin formulation that goes to great lengths to enhance the strength of the fences. This ensures that the fences can hold out against extreme weather conditions, which are common in states like Utah. Not just that, our fences have also passed the 105-mph wind test.

Wooden fences, however, are almost obliterated during a storm, and you will find yourself picking up those fence panels around your yard. Constant gusts of wind can alter the shape of wood, causing them to lean or shift toward your neighbor’s yard. Thunderstorms in Utah can destroy your wooden fence, so investing in a vinyl fence is ideal.

Vinyl is cheaper in the long run: The up-front cost might be a bit higher for our vinyl fences. However, you can get wooden fences at dirt-cheap prices.  Although our specially designed DuraGrain vinyl privacy fence would cost you a bit more, they last longer and need fewer repairs. However, the maintenance of wooden fences is where the price skyrockets in gargantuan proportions. Wooden fences call for regular maintenance to keep them in top shape. The time and cost you need to invest in the maintenance of wooden fences will eventually catch up and even exceed the cost of vinyl fence installation.

On the other hand, our DuraGrain vinyl fences do not require much maintenance. A power wash here and there is enough to keep up with the aesthetics.

Our vinyl fences won’t warp: Wooden fences typically warp under the extreme climates of Utah. Treating the wood would maintain the pristine look, but its strength would diminish over time. The strength of our wood grain vinyl privacy fence comes from its flexibility. They don’t just hold their shape but can last longer as well. When exposed to the intense sun of Utah, vinyl fences do not warp, break, or sag, and they can remain strong for numerous years. Whereas under fluctuating temperatures, wooden fences will chip and lose their strength.

Wood finishes harm the environment: Wood rot is often combated with clear finishes like varnish or lacquer. The reality is that these artificial finishes consist of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can cause health issues and air pollution. Lacquers and varnishes are typically a mixture of harmful binders that adds to their durability. In addition, they contain petroleum-derived solvents that can harm you and the environment. Our vinyl fences are far away from these niggling issues. Vinyl fences are recyclable, lead-free, and non-toxic, and the durability of vinyl makes them an eco-friendly choice in the long run. So, instead of cutting down the trees and manufacturing wooden fences – choose the vinyl material now!

Insects and moisture hasten decay: Do you know what happens when wooden fences are exposed to moisture over a long period of time? Well, delignification occurs, which is a process of breaking the tissues apart. The process is further hastened by salt water. Another problem common to wooden fences is termites and beetles. They tunnel through wood and lay their eggs inside them. Once the larva hatches, they eat away at the wood, thus weakening the wooden structure.

We are proud to say that our supremely designed vinyl privacy fence is moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, and 100% waterproof. So, moisture, termites, beetles, and other elements do not stand a chance with our fences.

A lifetime warranty backs our vinyl fences: Wooden fences have a finite lifespan, and once the time is up, you need to replace them for good. Lumber is available in varying qualities. So, the exact date might vary to some extent. However, with proper maintenance, wooden fences in Utah can last as long as 10 years, but the maintenance cost is huge.

Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence in Utah can last as long as 30 to 50 years with minimal care. Thus, the longevity of these fences is simply unrivaled.

Why choose us?

If you plan to install a vinyl privacy fence in Utah, consider checking out Duramax FencesOur fences are engineered for durability at the next level, thereby increasing longevity. In addition, our fences come with easy-to-understand DIY instructions, making the installation a cakewalk. The best part is that since our fences are manufactured in the US, you can obtain them at factory-direct prices. Isn’t that lucrative? Place your order now.

How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

vinyl fencing suppliers

When you plan to install a new fence, you need to make a lot of considerations before making a decision. However, the main thing that tops the list is the material you choose. The new fence’s price, quality, and longevity depend on the material you choose. The right material for your fence will help you strike a balance between your different needs and wants. Although wooden fences are a favorite in California, vinyl is soon catching up as they are low maintenance and can be customized to suit your preferences. If you are wondering about the longevity of a vinyl fence, then remember that they usually last for 30 to 40 years with minimal care and upkeep. However, with adequate maintenance, a vinyl fence can last 50 years or even longer. The lifespan of a vinyl fence panel depends on several factors, like soil conditions, climate, and maintenance. You should get high-quality fences from leading vinyl fencing suppliers like Duramax. If you think whether Duramax vinyl fences are right for you, then this guide will help you make an informed decision.

What is a vinyl fence?

A vinyl fence is an excellent choice if you are looking for aesthetics and durability. Vinyl is a human-made plastic material from ethylene found in crude oil, chlorine, and regular salt. Vinyl is not a natural substance, yet the fences are strong as they are made from PVC resin which enhances the strength and durability of the material. Vinyl was found to be more durable, cheaper, and widely available. Since the winters in California are cool and long, and the summers are arid and warm, installing a vinyl fence is more than ideal.

More about the vinyl material

The vinyl material has numerous benefits that make it perfect. Firstly, vinyl is resistant to humidity and moisture, which makes it resistant to most elements, and the heat and rain of California will not adversely affect the fence over time. Durable vinyl fencing is exceptionally strong, meaning insects, bugs and pests won’t ruin the fence by biting or gnawing. Vinyl fences are washable, meaning the fence will stay white and bright even years after installation. Although white is not the only color for vinyl fencing, it’s the most preferred. However, if you are looking for a variety of colors that give versatility, opt for custom-made Duramax vinyl fencing. We offer a wide range of fences completely customized directly from the factory.

Vinyl fences have many upsides, and while being a human-made material, they are still eco-friendly, which makes them more ideal. Firstly, you can recycle vinyl fences, which helps preserve environmental resources. The vinyl material is made from common salt, a renewable substance. Again, vinyl is easy to manufacture and requires little energy to assemble into a strong fence.

How long does a vinyl fence last?

Although the metal and wooden fences might look sturdier, they don’t last long enough. A wooden fence will hardly last for five years, whereas a vinyl fence can last for 30 years without rotting, warping, splitting, or cracking. Vinyl fences have a longer lifespan than metal fences as they don’t rust or develop stains, and they remain pristine for years. Metal fences are more prone to wear and tear from elements than vinyl fences. While wooden and metal fences might not last as long as vinyl, they are high-maintenance and need extensive treatments or repairs for enhanced longevity. On the other hand, a vinyl fence is expected to last for years with minimal maintenance, and they don’t need to be retouched or painted for years. In addition, high-quality vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty that ensures that the product can last as long as you want and maybe even longer.

If you are a first-time fence buyer, choose vinyl instead of a wooden fence. Vinyl fences look great, last longer, and are virtually maintenance-free. Moreover, a vinyl fence is recyclable and environmentally sound, which makes it a great choice over wood or any other material. Duramax vinyl fences are a great investment for your property as they are designed to last for years.

What is Titanium Dioxide, and why do vinyl fences have them?

The scorching heat of the summer months in California can damage wooden fences and cause them to warp. Duramax gets you vinyl fences with potent UV inhibitors and titanium dioxide. If titanium dioxide doesn’t ring a bell in your head, then let us remind you that it’s an active ingredient used in sunscreens and offers built-in sun protection like no other. Titanium dioxide in vinyl fences offers phenomenal stability and protects the fencing from degradation, sun damage, and turning yellow over time. Because of titanium dioxide, the vinyl fence is non-toxic and highly durable too. Duramax uses over 12 parts of titanium dioxide to build high-end fences that can withstand the scorching heat of the southwest sun without warping, fading, or any severe damage. 

If you are looking for durable vinyl fences – then Duramax is the right choice

At Duramax, you will find plenty of vinyl fence designs that can complement the aesthetics of your property. We can customize the fence and make the vinyl fence indistinguishable from wood. Duramax vinyl fencing suppliers offer DuraGrain fences that look like wood but are durable, low-maintenance, and strong, much unlike the wooden fences. The vinyl fences from Duramax are fireproof, chemical resistant, and safe for pets and kids. The temperature-tolerant vinyl fences do not warp, sag or break. The fence material wins for longevity and is a one-time investment. Duramax vinyl fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability and come with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. With the unique DirtGuard bottom rail design, the fence is a low-maintenance choice as it’s easy to clean. The patented design also minimizes dirt build-up and keeps the entire perimeter clean. 

Final Take

While vinyl fences are easy to clean, the installation is far simpler. Although vinyl fence installation might come across as a costly investment, by choosing Duramax Fences, you save 29% on fencing and labor during installation. Get high-quality vinyl fences at factory-direct rates. In addition, our fences come customized in different colors, designs, and styles. Get a no-cost consultation now. Request a free quote.

Answering the Most Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences!

Vinyl fences are a huge favorite among residential and commercial property owners. It’s because the fences are easy to maintain, durable, eco-friendly, and engineered to withstand the harsh summer heat of southern California. In addition, the beauty of the vinyl fence has no competition, and the ease of installation is another factor that makes them a preferred choice among Americans. However, here are a few most-asked questions about vinyl fences that we can answer.

What is the cost of a good vinyl fence?

The cost of a vinyl fence varies based on the design, the material used, the permits required, and plenty of other factors. However, Duramax Fences come direct from the factory and are competitively priced. By installing Duramax Fences over other alternatives, you save 29% on fencing and labor, making vinyl a cost-effective choice for the long haul.

Is a wooden fence a cheaper alternative to vinyl?

A wooden fence might be cheaper to build, but the long-term maintenance costs will make you spend more than you have estimated. The wooden fences are prone to rotting, degrading, and termite infestation. Treating wood with chemicals can curtail the problem to a certain extent, but the maintenance costs are still huge. Moreover, a wooden fence lasts hardly for five years, after which they need to be replaced with a new one. On the other hand, vinyl fences are durable and do not rot, crack, break, or splinter, unlike a wooden fence. In addition, a vinyl fence made from 100% virgin PVC resin will not attract termites and will last long with minimal maintenance. That’s why although a wooden fence will cost less upfront, the vinyl fence is the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Are vinyl fences available wholesale?

Many fence suppliers do offer vinyl fences wholesale at an affordable price. Duramax Fences is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl fence at wholesalerates. We manufacture the fences in large quantities in our factory and customize them as required. Our fences arrive in DIY kits approximately 2 weeks direct from the factory.

Can you install a vinyl fence without concrete?

If you don’t want concrete, foundations like gravel would be ideal for vinyl fence installation. However, concrete is ideal for vinyl fence installation as it is more durable and stronger. But expanding foam is also a great alternative for fence foundations.

What is the minimum standard for a vinyl fence post?

A 2 foot depth is the minimum standard for a vinyl fence post. It’s recommended to dig ½ the height of the fence post. However, the deeper the hole, the stronger the fence post and the sturdier the fence line.

What is the distance between the vinyl fence posts?

The recommended distance for the vinyl fence posts is between 6 to 8 ft. However, it might not work everywhere, which is why you can ask the HOA and local authorities about exceptions so you can customize the fence that’s ideally suitable for your property.

How to maintain a new vinyl fence?

One of the special reasons vinyl fences are an asset is that they are super easy to maintain. Wooden fences require pesticide treatment, whereas metal fences need to be guarded against rusting. However, vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free. To maintain a vinyl fence, you can wash the panels with a garden hose to remove dirt, debris, and dead leaves. If there are mildew patches over the fence, then a solution of warm water, detergent, and bleach in a 12:1:1 ratio should be used to clean the fence. This solution eliminates mildew and prevents its regrowth. Lastly, you must regularly inspect the fence line to ensure its stability and sturdiness. Regular inspection can prevent costly repairs and enhance the longevity of the fence line.

How long does a vinyl fence last? 

A well-maintained vinyl fence can last for decades. Vinyl fences have more longevity than traditional wood fences and ideally last 30 years without needing repairs or replacements.

Do I need consent from the neighbor before fence installation?

Building a fence with consent from the neighbor is important but not mandatory. However, you need to ensure that the fence meets all the county’s building codes and considerations. That’s why you should talk to your neighbor and the local authorities before installing the fence. It’s important to know your property boundary and not annoy the neighbors.

Is a permit necessary?

Yes, you might need a permit for the fence installation, but not in all cases. Again, for a permit, you need to pay a certain fee which can add up to the costs. However, you only need permits when you plan to set up a fence higher than the general recommendation or build the fence line on steep slopes or places close to a greenbelt.

Can a vinyl fence increase property value?

If your fence is strong, durable, and adds curb appeal, a potential buyer might be interested in paying more for the property. However, while a wooden fence might look visually appealing, vinyl fences are soon catching up. Duramax has developed DuraGrain fences, a wood-grained material that is an ideal replacement for a wooden fence. The DuraGrain fence looks like wood but is durable, low maintenance, and strong like vinyl.

Book a free consultation today if you have more questions about vinyl fences. Request a no-obligation quote.

Know Why Vinyl Fences Are the Perfect Choice for Commercial Properties

Do you own a commercial property? The first and foremost thing that might be on your mind is preventing other people from getting access to your property. However, you must ensure privacy so people cannot peek into your property. 

Duramax’s vinyl privacy fences are well–suited to do just that, thereby taking privacy to the next level. Here we will be discussing some of the pointers as to why installing privacy fences has become of paramount importance in commercial properties in this day and age. 


Commercial property has to be protected at any cost. And this is where our privacy fence steps in. This can also be a great way to conceal hideous-looking areas like the trash bins. You can purchase vinyl privacy fences and get them customized in different heights, sizes, shapes and so on. 


One of the primary reasons for installing a fence is to create a secure boundary around your property. Our privacy fences ensure security like none other. The fact that it is toughened with DuraResin vinyl formulation makes it five times stronger than wood. Unlike chain link fences, our supremely designed fences cannot be cut easily. Our fences are lightweight, making the installation a breeze. 

Stay away from legal liability issues:

You are responsible for taking adequate steps to ensure that no visitors are injured on your property. And if anyone is injured inside your property, you need to bear the cost that goes into their treatment. You can install our vinyl privacy fences to signal a potential hazard and prevent intruders from gaining access to your property as well. 

Property Value:

Our fences are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. This, in turn, increases your property value to a great extent. 

The aforementioned are some of the pointers that advocate why installing privacy fences have become an absolute necessity today. Now, we will be discussing what makes our vinyl fences better than their contemporaries and why you should opt for one too. 

Why make our vinyl fences stand out from the rest? 

Low Maintenance:

Metal or wooden fences must be periodically stained and painted. Our vinyl fences call for minimal maintenance. UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide give our fences the highest-rated weatherability and UV stability of any type of vinyl available today. So, there is nothing to worry about fence yellowing or color fading. Speaking about maintenance, you need to wash off the grime and dirt with a power washer or garden hose sometimes. 

Aesthetically pleasing:

Although the primary purpose of installing our vinyl privacy fences is to provide a barrier to your property, our fences feature an exquisite look sure to boost your property’s curb appeal. You can get them in several modern and classic color options alike. We offer many designs enabling you to shortlist one that complements your property’s exterior in the best way possible. 


Another big advantage our vinyl privacy fences bring is their durability. While rust is common in metal fences, rot, cracks, or splits are common in wooden fences. On the flip side, Duramax’s vinyl fences are designed to protect against excessive moisture, are pest-resistant, and won’t succumb to mildew or mold. Our fences are also designed to be fire- and heat-resistant, making them that much better. 

Easy installation:

Our vinyl fences have interlocking panels, making the installation a breeze. So, Duramax vinyl fences might be the best way to go if you are a DIY enthusiast. 

Safer for pets and kids:

Our vinyl privacy fences are lead-free and completely non-toxic. This is a great choice if you have kids or pets or are building fencing on ranches and farms. Also, the fact that wooden fences are treated with chemicals to protect them from weathering renders them toxic. Our vinyl fences do not call for chemical treatment and, thus, are non-toxic. 

How much will our vinyl privacy fences cost? 

The upfront cost might be slightly higher when it comes to vinyl fences. But the durability that our fences bring to the table balances out this cost in the long term. The short or mid-height fences are the cheapest, but again you need to consult with an expert to get an accurate estimate.

If you want to install a new privacy fence, you can expect to pay around $3,600 on average. And if you are not opting for DIY, you need to add up the installation cost. In addition, some add-ons like wood grain textures, gates, and other decorative elements will also drive up the cost. Finally, you also need to consider the costs of any essential permits before estimating your total investment. However, Duramax Fence installation is the most affordable. Firstly, our fences are available in 2 weeks at factory-direct costs. Secondly, the fences have a limited lifetime warranty like no other. Lastly, by choosing to install Duramax Fences you save 29% on labor and fencing compared to other alternatives.

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Why choose us? 

Here, at Duramax Fences, we have crafted our exclusive formula vinyl that offers durability at the next level, and you purchase fencing at highly competitive rates as well. Our vinyl privacy fences are manufactured from an amalgamation of raw PVC resin and vinyl along with several special additives like twelve parts of titanium dioxide which makes them fade-resistant, UV inhibitors that prevent chalking and sun damage, stabilizers that combat temperature changes, and impact modifiers which supercharges the fence’s durability, making them an absolute beast in the fencing sector. 

We also offer a transferable limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that our fences will have greater longevity when compared to their contemporaries. Our fence kits also have easy-to-follow DIY instructions, making the installation a breeze. Our products are manufactured in the US and can last for 30 years or longer without needing any professional maintenance or extensive repair work. Place an order now, and you will be good to go. Happy fencing! 

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Vinyl Privacy Fences

A vinyl privacy fence can serve numerous purposes. It can enhance the property’s aesthetics and prevent the pets and kids from straying outside while you are distracted. However, the primary reason why people install privacy fences is for privacy! The vinyl privacy fence panels are generally tall, and there are no gaps between the posts, making it impossible to view the other side – hence the name ‘privacy vinyl fence’. However, you can get decorative privacy fences with ornamental designs at the top, allowing light and air to come through without compromising your solitude and privacy. The privacy fence is built at the boundary line of the property. These fences are thick, long, high, and impermeable. Made from sturdy and durable materials, a privacy fence from Duramax can last for 30 years without needing professional repairs or replacements.

Will privacy fences block noise?

A privacy fence is the best configuration to reduce noise pollution. The sole purpose of a privacy fence is to ensure isolation and block outside noises, and to soundproof the fence; you need to take a few preparatory steps. Firstly, the vinyl privacy fence panels should not have gaps or spaces between them. Secondly, you should build the fence higher to block more noise. If your property is near a busy street or school, consider planting shrubs and trees in your yard to block the noise. Lastly, Duramax Fences have thicker walls, ideal for blocking noise and keeping your home serene. Book a free consultation with us to learn more about privacy fences and how they can help you to block noise.

Does the homeowner’s insurance cover vinyl privacy fences?

According to Allstate, the homeowner’s insurance covers damages to your fence. The only catch is that the insurance company will request to have a look at the cause of the damage. For example, insurance covers fences broken or cracked by a fallen tree or storm. The insurance companies cover the damages even for vandalism and home break-ins. However, for floods and earthquakes, you need separate policy coverage. Most insurance policies refuse to cover such costs for routine damages like a landowner scraping the fence, peeling paint, warping the fence or  lack of maintenance.

The company can also try to recover the damage costs from third parties based on the circumstances. For example, if the neighbor’s tree falls on the fence or the driver dents the fence while parking, the company files a claim against the driver or the neighbor’s insurance policy to cover the cost. However, even if the fence damage is covered, there is a limit. You need to check with the insurance provider and know the specific policies for more details.

Will the fence increase my property’s valuation?

Installing a fence is an individual preference, but if done correctly and maintained well, it can increase your property’s valuation. Other factors can influence this, including the location of your house, the material used, the type of neighborhood, and the fence design. A classic vinyl or wood fence is highly desirable as they require little maintenance and is a valuable add-on to any property. However, a wooden fence is a comparatively higher maintenance than a vinyl one. The wooden fence requires special attention to combat moisture, whereas vinyl is almost maintenance-free. That’s why installing a high-quality, low-maintenance, and durable fence is a smart move to enhance aesthetics and increase the home’s valuation.

How much does a vinyl privacy fence cost?

Many factors can influence the fence cost, and it’s quite challenging to give you an exact estimate of the potential cost of installing the fence. Everything ranging from the topography and size of your yard labor, fencing materials, and location can affect the final price of the fence. However, if you are looking for affordable vinyl fence installation, then Duramax Fences is ideal.

At Duramax, we give you an accurate estimate using a fencing calculator. Then, we examine the yard and consult with you on materials and designs to determine a final cost. It takes around 2 weeks approximately for the fences to get delivered to your location.

Why choose Duramax vinyl privacy fence panels?

You will get many vinyl fences in the market, but all are not created the same. Duramax Fences are a notch higher because they are built to last and engineered with the highest-grade materials. Made from 100% virgin vinyl, the high-quality fences are durable and don’t rot, rust, warp, crack or sag. In addition, the manufacturers use the DuraResin vinyl formulation to ensure that the fences can withstand the southwest sun for the longest time without showing signs of damage.

With more than 25 years of experience, Duramax Fences is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-grade vinyl fences. Our fences have the highest-rated weatherability and UV stability and won’t turn yellow or fade for years. In addition, the fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and are impact resistant and strong. We focus on providing you with vinyl fencing products that are resistant to heat warpage, cold temperature cracking, yellowing, staining, and sagging. Built with a strong routing and interlocking system, the fences will never fall apart and provide peace of mind.

Final Words

Duramax Fences are easiest to install, taking only four days, and with the help of 2 laborers, the job gets done. Duramax Fences are better than other alternatives in the market, especially from what you get from big-box stores and other retailers. Request a quote now. Order your fences online. Our live chat will connect you with a real live person to guide you about everything related to fencing.

What Is the Actual Cost of a Vinyl Fence?

buy vinyl fencing

Plentiful options are available in the market when you are looking for a fence. Some fencing choices are budget-friendly, while others can dig a deep hole in your pockets. Every American’s dream is a clean white semi-privacy vinyl fence as it is low maintenance, durable, and fairly priced. Vinyl fences are growing in popularity and slowly replacing wooden and metal ones. The traditional fencing options might still be a rage, but the vinyl fence is slowly catching up. However, when buying a fence, many factors come to mind, and above everything else, we think about the price. While many claim that vinyl fences are expensive, it’s also a one-time investment as they last for numerous years and are extremely easy to maintain.

Vinyl fences

A vinyl fence is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These fences are quite popular for their durability, affordability, and low maintenance characteristics. There are a multitude of vinyl fence styles that can help you find the perfect fence that matches the aesthetics of your estate. As per the LawnStarter, the vinyl fence costs between $2,181 to $6,089, and the national average price is around $4,135. However, the cost of a vinyl fence doesn’t just end there. The price is affected by the fence color, design, gate, terrain, and permits.

Cost estimate by fence size

Most fence suppliers charge for a fence installation by the linear foot, which is why the size of your vinyl fence is the deciding factor of the final cost. Homeowners around the US pay $17 to $38 per linear foot. Here at Duramax Fences, we use the fencing calculator. After an on-site consultation, we provide you with an accurate estimate to help you figure out the accurate price of the project. Some contractors charge not only by linear foot yet also by the count of preassembled fence panels and by the hour required for the installation. By choosing Duramax Fences, you can save 29% on labor and fencing during installation.

Other factors affecting the cost of a vinyl fence

Depending on the objective for fence installation, the aesthetics, the features, and the terrain, the overall cost of a vinyl fence can be lower or higher than the average. Here are a few other factors that can affect the cost of a vinyl fence.

Design of the fence

A semi-privacy vinyl fence comes in versatile designs and styles that can accentuate the aesthetics of the lawn. However, picket, standard privacy, and lattice-top fence lines featuring decorative styles and designs are more costlier than plain split rail fencing. Design is a huge deciding factor about the cost of the fence, and intrinsic styles require more customization, which can spike up the prices.

Color of the fence

Vinyl fence comes in varied colors, and you don’t have to repaint the fence. The most familiar vinyl fence colors are solid black, solid white, and wood-grained styles that replicate the regal appeal of wood. The plain white vinyl fence doesn’t only look good, but it also costs much less than other colored vinyl fences. Looking at the price range, the white vinyl fence is the cheapest, and the black ones are the most pricey. The wood-grained Duragrain fence is reasonably priced and costs somehwere in the middle. You can, however, find many different designs of fences in varied finishes and colors, but then there is a great deal of matching and mixing you have to do before deciding the aesthetics you want.

Fences with gates

When you plan to add a fence gate, there is additional security, and the costs also spike up. In addition, the fence gate needs hardware and additional labor for installation, which can significantly increase the cost of the standard fence panels. A fence gate comes in different sizes and shapes. The variations include single or double fence gates, manual or automatic vinyl gates, and, most importantly, ornately designed gates. The single manual gates cost lower, while the customized automatic driveway gates are at the higher end.

Fence height

Generally, a backyard fence is six feet tall, but you need to customize and choose a proper height that fits your requirements. The homeowners association (HOA) or the municipality can help you to find the exact height that adheres to the rules and regulations. The higher the fence height, the larger the panels, which increases the cost of the vinyl fence by leaps and bounds.

Terrain (slope of land)

Installing any kind of fence on an incline will cost you more as the installation is more laborious. Based on the terrain’s steepness and the fence’s positioning, the contractor prepares the land for proper fence installation. 


You might not need the typical building permit to build a fence in some places. However, before making any assumptions, it’s important to contact a local fence manufacturer and get to know the rules and regulations of the county. The permit’s cost depends on the fence’s size, and shelling out a few dollars is worth it.

Vinyl fence installation costs

When calculating the total cost of a semi-privacy vinyl fence installation, you need to evaluate certain factors:

Labor – Duramax Fences get installed within four days with the help of 2 laborers only, which does reduce labor costs to a great extent. For example, a local fence supplier will charge you $4,000, but by choosing vinyl fences from Duramax, the labor charges will decrease significantly, and you might have to pay only $2,240.

Materials – Fencing materials cost only $223.96 when you decide to install Duramax Fences. For other fencing alternatives, the material costs go up to $248.84.

Permits – You must check with your local building department and the homeowners association to determine if permits are required. Most contractors will be able to tell you about the compliance issues and can handle the process. However, with Duramax Fences, you do not need any local contractor. Our commercial-grade fences easily obtain permits as they are customized to suit your needs and comply with local laws.

Install the semi-privacy vinyl fence to save thousands of dollars on fencing and labor. Request a free quote now.

Want To Install Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels? Knowing About Proper Fence Etiquette Is a Must!

Vinyl manufacturer

Before you lay your hands on Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence panels, it is extremely important to reflect on fence etiquette. You should also pay attention to the HOA rules that your neighborhood follows and think about the neighbors on either side of your property. Besides adhering to the local zoning regulations that are in place, it’s important to follow some fence etiquette so that you keep yourself away from any future issues.

You should note that while your primary purpose of constructing a fence is to keep the wildlife away or contain your pets within your property, your neighbors viewthe fence line regularly from their driveways and from indoors. Here, we will look at some fence etiquette points you should consider before a fence installation.

Deciding on where to construct your fence

Knowing your property’s starting and end point is extremely important. Of course, anyone can make assumptions when building a structure like a fence line, but still, you need to ensure precision and accuracy. Therefore, we at Duramax thoroughly inspect your house’s plot before laying our hands on the installation process. Duramax uses a fencing calculator for ensuring accuracy and precision. This will go a long way in avoiding any property encroachments and arguments in the future. A plot is typically an outline of your land, which you can easily obtain from your city’s county records office. And if you are still in the dark regarding the exact boundary lines, you can avail the services of a surveyor who will demarcate the boundary before vinyl privacy fence panels are installed.

Do you have to inform your neighbors before installing a fence?

No law advocates that you must notify your neighbors about your intentions to install fences around your property. If your fence design adheres to the neighborhood rules and your plans are strictly inside your property line, you can start with your project without any worries whatsoever. However, it is an act of respect to make the neighbors aware of your plans beforehand in case they have issues or want you to avoid building vinyl privacy fence panels. The best scenario will be if your neighbor wants to cooperate with you in the fence installation that lines dual properties, as that would include splitting expenses. We suggest you always remain upfront to prevent misunderstandings and protect yourself from legal challenges. After all, conversing with someone is not bad, even if you are on bad terms with them.

Is the cost of constructing a fence shared with the neighbors?

The next big thing you need to focus on, as far as fence etiquette is concerned, is who will bear the cost of a fence. In most cases, the homeowner who wants the fence and on whose property the fence will be established will have to pay the bill. This involves the costs of constructing vinyl privacy fence panels and their long-term maintenance. So, when you speak with your neighbors before starting the installation process, you receive their valuable feedback and can also come to an agreement.

Placement regulations and height of fences on property lines

In several localities, there is a rule to place your fences minimally six inches inside your property line. The professionals here at Duramax Fences will extensively inspect the regulations before installing the fence. Though every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations, in many places, the tallest height allowed for fences is 6 feet. However, according to Spruce, vinyl privacy fence panels built for the front yard, within 15 feet of the street line or where traffic signals are impaired, have lower fence height limits, and in such cases, the fences should not be higher than 4 feet.

Do your neighbors have the right to tear down your fence?

As per the law, your neighbor cannot tear down your fence unless they have a court order. When you get your vinyl fences installed by the professionals here at Duramax Fences, you can be rest assured that the manufacturers will ensure that you get the right fence for your property that adheres to the city’s regulations. If your neighbor demolishes the fences on your property, you can drag them to the court to replace or repair the fences at their cost. To avoid these uncalled-for situations, strictly follow the fence etiquette and do not provoke your unfriendly neighbor to react negatively.

Can I construct a fence just next to my neighbor’s fence?

Generally, vinyl privacy fence panels that are not meant to serve as boundary fences should be constructed at a minimum distance of two feet inside your property line. If your neighbor already has a fence installed, then in most cases, you will find that the fences are installed two feet inside their property line. You can build another fence on your property, but it should be within two feet of your property line. And if you find that there is not adequate space for executing the task, you might get into a conflict for easement rights between the yards. So, checking the city’s easement rights laws before starting the project is always wise.

Final Take

Follow these easy fence etiquette rules and enjoy an easy time with your neighbors. Properly installed vinyl privacy fence panels can take the privacy and security of your house to astronomical heights, and don’t forget the value it adds to your property. If you are looking for top-notch vinyl fences, you should check out Duramax Fences. We offer many choices to cater to every taste, and our fences can be customized extensively. Visit our website to catch a glimpse of our amazing vinyl fencing options, and choose one that meets your needs and preferences in the best way possible.

Our fences are waterproof, weather-resistant, low maintenance, and come at factory-direct rates within 2 weeks. The high-quality fences are engineered keeping longevity in mind and do not warp, sag, break, or crack. Request a quote now. Book your free consultation today.

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